“SAFE, sealed at source,
no human intervention,
state-of-the art production
and HACCP & ISIA certified”
“NICE, beautiful water,
great clean taste,
ultra-high quality and
no freezer taints”
“EASY, sealed
individual serves, freeze
when you need, refreeze
when you need and store
in the cupboard”
“COOL, measured
serves of ice, great for
travellers, perfect for
drinkers and excellent
for businesses”
“What's in YOUR Ice?”
“What's in OUR Ice?”

“What’s in your Ice?”

Next time you take a drink pause and think about your ice...

Important things like where the water came from, how it was treated, how the ice was made, how it was stored and how it was handled before it made it to your drink...

And then ask yourself; do you know where the ice came from? ...is it safe? ...would you let a stranger put their fingers in your drink? ...would you put anything but safe ingredients into anything you consume?

Ice is one of the last things in the world that hasn’t been made into a certifiably safe product.

When you think about, that upset stomach may not have been because of the vodka at all...

In 2011 our planet will be home to 7 billion people. Water is the essence of life and everyday becomes a little more precious and scarce.

In many large cities water has been ‘recycled’ from use by several previous ‘consumers’.

It pays to remember that just because it is frozen doesn’t mean that the microbes, bacteria and other nasties that live in water are killed when it is made into ice.

“What’s in our Ice?”

It’s all about trust.

Ycubes™ from the Pure New Zealand Ice Company are captured so that you can enjoy an ice that is created to be certifiably safe food rather than “just something cold to chill bottles in”.

Our excellent natural artesian water escapes its deep fresh aquifer and is immediately captured and sealed into our unique sterile, tamper-proof packaging.

Of course this happens entirely without this pristine water having any contact with humans or daylight.

Ycubes™ are designed for safety, quality, convenience, and efficiency.

No spill. No taint. No waste. No Nasty.

Store Ycubes™ as you would any quality water – in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight, and then freeze as and when you anticipate you’ll need ice.

Individual serves contain the perfect quantity for standard drinks and the unique cube size offers drinker’s choice.

Unused ice can simply be refrozen and used at a later time.

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TEL +64 (6) 875 8123

Typical Analysis of Ycubes™

Calcium 14.4 mg/litre
Magnesium 13.4 mg/litre
Sodium 21.2 mg/litre
Potassium 4.12 mg/litre
pH 7.8 mg/litre
TDS < 100 ppm